hadar cohen

weaving is an art form that is a prayer process. the movements of the hands operate in detailed rhythms, bringing forth a beauty that contains the process itself. the prayer, the intention, the desires felt during the creation are woven in infusing the manifest object with the potency of its initiation. weaving is a spiritual practice harmonizing multiple threads into a cohesive shape, transforming energy into form, integrating streams into union, && coalescing relations through intimacy.

i particularly love weaving prayer rugs (see prostrations film here), && I also make shawls, scarves, art pieces, etc.

order a custom hand woven weaving below && I will weave in your prayers, intentions, desires. you can specify style, color design, && length If you would like. all pieces are channeled through my creative life-force && divine grace.

sliding scale*: $72-$324

*I want this to be accessible to folks of variety of class backgrounds. & the process of weaving takes a few hours. I trust you to make your decision that is honoring my service & honoring your access to wealth.


prayer shawl n.1