hadar cohen


prostration is the act of humbling oneself in service of The Holy One. They body comes towards the ground through the frontal axis either by bending the spine slightly forward, coming down on knees and touching forehead to ground, lying in total submission with arms and legs stretched out, and everything in between these positions.
this prayer practice has been historically part of Jewish tradition as a daily routine until sometime in the Middle Ages. the reason for the eradication of this practice from modern Jewish prayer practices is unknown. yet the biblical and liturgical references are still prevalent and potent.

this piece is a request to bring devotional prayer practice back into the communal Jewish landscape. to know humility through the practice of the body interacting with the ground. to learn the eradication of the self in this simple yet fervent prayer practice. to care for divine worship in informing the shape of our bodies and minds. 

the divine chorus that i am