hadar cohen

feminism all night

june 2017 - present

feminism all night is a communal educational project modeled after Shavuot, the Jewish holiday that calls on us to stay up all night to learn wisdom. The vision of FAN is to create a feminist beit midrash (Jewish house of learning) accessible to  people of all genders. Come join us in learning, transforming, and expanding our vision for love and justice.

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meditations on chanukah

december 2018

chanukah is a 8 day jewish holiday. each night we light another candle, commemorating celebration, dark winter nights, and mystical experiences. we are commanded to only look at the candles, not to use them in any way. for every night of chanukah, i sat with my candles - witnessing them as their flame slowly came and went. a combination of numerology and spiritual knowledge, these meditations offer my reflection for chanukah circa 5779.

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regulating visibility

march 2017

regulating visibility was a purim art show on mysticism, existentialism, and revelation. the art was centered around teachings from the talmud tractate megillah telling the story of purim. the exploration traced what is seen and what is unseen, how we know and what we don't know.

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disentangling patriarchy

february 2017

disentangling patriarchy was a a retreat on gender and spirituality, bringing together over 40 participants from diverse identities and experiences to share and learn together.

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