hadar cohen

The Depth of This Ink

The experience of encountering structures and systems reveals itself through deception. In our initial interactions, we often see a result and the process of creation is concealed from us. The process must therefore be confined to the result. Yet, the makeup of the structure is often the essence of the structure.

This piece hopes to challenge our sight and invites us to delve deeper in our understandings of observations. ​

Squares filled with bold and playful colors are scattered across the page overlapping each other. The squares serve as a container for the flow of the ink to be captured in. In this way, the squares represent the systems and the paint represents the content that fills their form.

In occupying the form of the square, the paint must necessarily bound itself to the rigid lines of the square. Yet the nature of the ink is be in constant motion. The rigid lines of the square forcefully trap the paint by existing as a certainty of truth. The mere existence of this container invalidates the inks desire for movement.

The overlaying squares disclose intersectionality and connection between different structures. The squares float around, giving the false impression of lightness to their beings. They also act independently from each other, separating the ink that unites them all into separate structures.

The variations of color and size suggest the diversity in the impression of structures and systems. ​

The colors are created from many different colors, yet the finished result cannot communicate the multitude of color variations to the viewer. The viewer is limited in the 2D viewpoint and must imagine the process that yielded these results. The multitude that exists within the color is lost in sight.

The image on the right shows an alteration to the original with the ink less filled suggesting the spectrum of possibilities in richness and depth of color in constructing systems.