hadar cohen

regulating visibility

a purim art show

on mysticism, existentialism and revelation

march 2017

regulating visibility was a purim art show centered on the teachings of the talmud.

it explored the notion of sight as a mode for divine revelation.

the narrative of purim teaches that though we may experience the world as chaotic at times, in truth the universe is deeply stable within itself.

through letting go of our knowledge, we learn humility.

in this we create the possibility for the prophetic.

the art show was a communal gathering space for the week of purim hosting an opening night, a writing workshop on devotion, a beautiful shabbat service and dinner, megillah reading and feast, and nigun collective.

it gathered over 100 people throughout these events from various backgrounds to delve into the magic of purim.

photos from events can be found

the talmud begins: the megillah is read.
here, the signal of revelation is initiated.
the mystical entwining travels in the spaces between the seen and the unseen.
can we tune to the dance?

the truth masks itself in the depth of the known to be unknown.
a call : dress in the divine to see the unseen.
who is the divine amidst political chaos?

an art show centered on talmudic wisdom
delving into the unseen heart
painting the divine beauty
through the medium of print making.

join in celebration, in mourning,
in uniting with the divine.

artist talk


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letterpress prints

silkscreen prints

The Depth of This Ink
Prison of Thought
The Infinite Eye
Divine Chaos Dresses in Curls
Broken Bricks
The Separation Line
Spectrum of Consciousness
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