hadar cohen

decolonizing divination healing practice

i offer 1:1 healing sessions that support you in connecting to Divine Presence. sessions can vary from body awareness practices, talking through experiences, energetic liberation work, and a combination of all the above. through this work, we can transform experiences of pain into harmony with the universe and all living beings.

i work with love and integrity, honoring you and your experience. i believe that every being is a whole world and through healing the self we can heal the world. my intention in offering sessions is to support the personal and collective healing so we can all live in greater harmony with ourselves, each other, and God.

i work with integrating the spiritual dimensions with the political realities. i am particularly interested in working with folks who are systemically oppressed through patriarchy, white supremacy, colonization, militarization, capitalism, abelism, etc. i hold a deep knowledge of how injustice lives in the body and how we can work with the experience of marginilaztion to heal ourselves and bring forth collective liberation.


$108 / 60 minutes
$144 / 90 minutes

may all beings be free


my background includes:

- training with Luminous Awareness Institute, a two year energy healing program focusing on subtle body awareness, meditation practices, and modern psychology frameworks including attachment theory, integrated family systems / parts work, somatic experiencing, and trauma healing.

- study with alt*div, an alternative divinity school focused on spirituality and justice

- my own healing journey through acupuncture, somatic experiencing, ancestral work, communion with spirits and realms and awareness based practices. as well as my religious journey finding God in scripture, experience, song, movement, pain and joy.