hadar cohen

disentangling patriarchy

there is no pretending our truths : let's speak our pain

you are the one we have all been waiting for

its you, it's really you !

make our dreams come alive in celebration, community && care

see you in our wildest manifestations of liberation

**** with warmth, love and gentleness ****

a weekend long exploration of our personal truth && experience through the lens of gender && spirituality for young jews from bay area community

storytelling, magical song circle, dance party of a lifetime, hiking, yoga, meditation, delicious food, loving community, heart-felt prayer, jewish learning, SHABBAT (aka liberation), grandiose beauty of nature && most critically -- disentangling patriarchy that harms us all

a note : this experience is formed to share deep personal vulnerable truths. come prepared to be you.

! learning by day ---- movement by night !

in community we will speak our truths && our pain
through movement we will heal && transform
by divine power we will love